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Chemical Science Review and Letters (ISSN 2278-6783) is an international chemistry journal that publishes interdisciplinary research related to chemistry/chemical science. This e-journal of chemistry is a flagship journal of Aufau Periodicals since its foundation in the year 2012. As a peer-reviewed international chemistry journal, it aims at rapid publication of quality chemistry research and review articles. The journal is devoted to short communications/letters, full-length research articles, as well as review articles in the fundamental and applied research areas related to chemical, materials science and engineering. The journal welcomes manuscripts related to the above mentioned areas. Chemical Science Review and Letters has a Scientific Journal Impact Factor of 4.856. The journal was ranked 3rd among 30+ quality international journals listed in the category of Natural Sciences by SJIF, InnoSpace. 


Current Issue: Issue 17, Volume 5 (July - September) Full Text Available


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1. Kinetics and mechanism of protection of URIDINE-5-MONOPHOSPHATE from sulphate radical anion by caffeic acid under anoxic conditions

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1. Green inhibitors for corrosion of metals by Kesavan et al., 2012.


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